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TGI Australia is a leading distributor of turf, golf and irrigation products to any business throughout Australia. We provide top quality products for the best possible prices making TGI Australia the best in the industry.  We are proudly Australian with our head office based in Capalaba, Brisbane.

Our experienced team of irrigation specialists, technicians and sales staff are available to help you source the best quality products from all the top brands. If we don’t stock it, we will source it for you.

We have partnered with Yard Bird, Ultra Corporation Limited
(Australia), Norma Group, KSB and WatchDog Australia. We continue to develop new partnerships around the globe for cutting edge environment measurement solutions.

TGI Australia is a one-stop-shop for commercial irrigation supplies in Brisbane and all of Australia. We are a leading distributor of specialised products – mainly instruments and tools – that come under the umbrella of irrigation systems and irrigation management systems.
Irrigation Australia

Our Product Ranges

TGI Australia are based in Capalaba, Brisbane and service customers in all industries including agriculture, industrial, sporting turf and residential. We provide a no obligation, free on-site quotes for all products and services. Please call the team at TGI Australia today on 07 3245 2222.
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Our Journey

TGI Australia is the brainchild of Geoff Bennell – an ex-golf course
supervisor with a career spanning 25+ years in the industry. He realised that a gap existed between what people want and what they are offered in the market including goods and servicing. His dedication and experience gave birth to TGI Australia.

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Our Values

Our mission statement is to impact the environment and our surroundings positively. We aim to provide a sustainable and technology-driven solution to our environment related woes.
When you work with us, you won’t regret the experience – that’s the promise we refuse to break. Our priority has been and will always be our customers and the people we serve.
You can explore more about our product ranges and the industries we cover. Feel free to let us know about your special requirements; our team is here to help.

Our Industries

At TGI Australia, our experienced irrigation installation team provides premium installation on all types of irrigation systems across all industries. We work with our clients to provide a service that will guarantee you peak performance and a system that will last for years through our network of high-quality suppliers.Our licensed technicians have years of experience in designing irrigation systems that are low maintenance and cost effective. Our team guarantee all parts and labour to provide you with the peace of mind that your new irrigation system will last.

TGI Australia is a leading and proud distributor of environmental quality monitoring tools in Australia. We aim to improve the lives of many people by making them aware of the challenges faced by our country and the steps we must take to combat environmental issues.

TGI Australia stocks all major brands and products from weather stations to data loggers, and from environmental meters to different types of sensor solutions, software and spares. With TGI Australia, you can get value-added services for the product selection based on your property needs and budgets. 

With years of experience, TGI Australia can help in all the phases for setting up and maintaining nursery businesses. We provide turnkey solutions for nursery planning, development and maintenance. We do not compromise on the quality of our custom nursery solutions. Our after-sale service ensures your peace of mind knowing we are only a phone call away.TGI Australia can work with you to understand your changing  requirements for existing nursery equipment replacements. Our expert team can visit your location to assess the requirements, followed by recommendations for equipment to replace and installation plan.
For many years, we have been working closely with various clubs and associations on their sporting turfs deployments, and we have seen huge success with these projects.TGI Australia is one of the leading providers of sporting turf. We offer an exceptionally high-quality range of natural turf to suit all budgets and business requirements.TGI Australia will help you choose the sporting turf based on your needs and available space.
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