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Golf Course Equipment and Supplies

At TGI Australia, we understand what goes into designing, maintaining, and constructing a golf course. As a distributor, we ensure that we have all the materials in our stock that are needed to build and maintain a golf course.

Golf courses are a work of art that requires extensive care – a great deal of hard work and craftsmanship goes into making them look picture-perfect and pristine.
Craftsmanship and arts are nothing without proper tools, and this is where TGI Australia comes in. We provide all the equipment and supplies required for the upkeep and maintenance of golf courses.
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The best equipment for your golf course

Some of the equipment categories that we provide:
Grass-cutting tools: Naturally, a golf course is mostly grass and grass grows; you need something to cut it. Ordinary grass-cutting tools do not work on golf courses. You require specialised equipment that is tough and can mow the turf.
Airing Instruments: Airing instruments are also known as aeration equipment. Their purpose is to circulate air to grass and trees, sometimes, the muddy area, also known as, the fairway is also aired.
Spraying Tools: You need spraying tools for watering your turf, for this you will require a water spray. You may also need spraying tools to spray your golf course with fertilisers and insecticides to kill insects.

Your one-stop golf shop

As a one-stop-shop, and along with specialised Golf course equipment, we also deal in golf course parts and supplies. If you are looking for a complete range of golfing supplies, you don’t have to look elsewhere. We have everything you need:

We also specialise in servicing golf courses. Our experienced team is capable of installing your turf drainage system, be it installing or repairing your irrigation sprinklers or rainwater harvesting system.

Whatever we do, we do it diligently and ensure that we provide you with the best possible care and service. We aim to provide you with the equipment and service that you won’t regret signing up for.

Our Product Ranges

TGI Australia are based in Capalaba, Brisbane and service customers in all industries including agriculture, industrial, sporting turf and residential. We provide a no obligation, free on-site quotes for all products and services. Please call the team at TGI Australia today on 07 3245 2222.

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